Concealed amidst the mountainous fold of Himalayan Region is a serene land locked kingdom called Bhutan. Shrouded in mystery and magic Bhutan is the last himalayan kingdom. Bhutan or the land of Thunder Dragon has an aura of mysticism which has hyped the interest of travelers from around the globe. Being hidden in the mountainous valley of Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan had first opened its gates for outside world in 1972. Bhutan with its grandiose dzongs and monasteries like Taktsang Palpung Monastery and Punakha Dzong has become a pilgrimage centre for many believers.

Endowed with rich flora and fauna Bhutan is one of the important countries helping in the conservation of rare and endangered species. Tourists can see the diverse ecosystem of Bhutan in Royal Manas National Park which ranges from cold alpine region to hot subtropical forest. The alpine region of Bhutan is dotted with the most astounding trekking routes through the wooded wonderland of fir and rhododendron trees. Apart from actively conserving the degrading ecosystem of world, Bhutan is known for taking pride in preserving and promoting its culture and religion which makes it stand out from its neighboring country. The significance of culture and religion can be seen in the architectural style of Bhutan. The Bhutanese styled building shows an impeccable blend of past and future. There are many places in Bhutan which is embedded with ancient legends about the most fascinating thing. From astounding trekking route to mouth watering Bhutanese cuisine, Bhutan never ceases to amaze its visitors. Every season has its own charm in Bhutan but the best time to visit Bhutan is during spring season (April to May) when the mountainous valley of the quaint Bhutanese kingdom is bursting with the vibrant color riot of blooming rhododendron and exotic Himalayan flora.

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